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5.28.17 5:36 pm

by Larry Jock

If you have a picture you would like to send to us, you can email it to coastalfisherman@comcast.net. Send it at the largest size possible (usually "Actual Size") and include angler name, town, fish caught, bait, location, size and/or weight.

SUNDAY, May 28, 2017

9:00 AM - Absolutely beautiful day in Ocean City. Winds are light.

Some reports and photos funneled in this morning.

Yesterday, anglers on the "Ivy Sea" fished by the South Jetty in the morning and ended up with 3 flounder, a pair of 18-inchers and a 21-incher. Caught on Gulp!

Capt. Nick on the "Get Sum" took his anglers to the bay behind Assateague yesterday afternoon and they endd up with a 21-inch flounder that weighed 3.5 lbs. and a n 18-incher.

Anglers on the "Keepin' It Reel" caught a 164 lb. thresher shark by "A" Buoy.

Bluefish were caught in the Indian River Inlet.

Jan Rogers caught a weakfish in the Ocean City Inlet yesterday. It measured 24-inches and weighed 5 lbs.

The "Game Changer" had a 437 lb. thresher shark that they caught at the Hambone.

Rich Daiker caught a 23-inch speckled trout at the South Jetty on a Roy Rig during the incoming tide.

11:48 AM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Lucky Break" had a busy morning with a keeper flounder and 12 throwback flounder in the bay behind Assateague. They also ran into a school of bluefish and ended up with 5 choppers in the box.

2:28 PM - Mike Brockmeyer, Bob Miller and Jim Sheehy caught 6 flounder by the duck blinds in the bay behind Assateague this morning. All caught on minnows and Gulp!.

Avari Shoff caught her first keeper flounder of the year, a 17 1/2-incher, on a white Gulp! in the Thorofare.

4:01 PM - Yesterday, Brian and Keith Jacobs caught a 266 lb. thresher shark on a whole mackerel at the Fingers.

On the charter boat, "Lucky Break", Alexa and Cami Knapp caught a pair of flounder in the Thorofare while using minnows for bait. Their fish measured 17 and 18-inches.

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" caught sea bass up to 18-inches and even a 25-inch cod. All on clams.

5:34 PM - Jim Thompson caught a 29-inch striper in the Fenwick surf on a chunk of bunker.

Barbara Andrews caught a 9 lb. 8 oz. bluefish in the surf off Ocean City. She used a frozen finger mullet for bait.

SATURDAY, May 27, 2017

CORRECTION TO THIS WEEKS PAPER: The cutline under the picture taken on page 25 of John Kelleher accidently listed his name as the only angler, even though he was holding 2 weakfish caught in the Delaware Bay. The cutline under the picture should have also listed Ronnie Baker as the other angler. John was just holding both his and Ronnie's fish in the picture. We apologize for the error.

9:22 AM - Much better weather today. Looks like there are a lot of boats on the water. I know some are heading to that patch of water south of the Norfolk Canyon, 100 miles from the Inlet. I'm sure many will be staying closer to home, looking for a mako or thresher.

The weigh-in times of the Ocean City Marlin Club Memorial Day Tournament have changed. The weigh-ins will still be at Sunset Marina but the time is now 4:30 to 7:00 PM.

10:06 AM - Rich Daiker caught a pair of stripers last night, both on plugs around the South Jetty. Fish measured 18 1/2 and 30-inches. Beautiful fish. No mycobacteriosis.

10:35 AM - Report just came in that there isn't a ripple on the water, which is very odd with all the wind we have had lately. Anglers fishing on the 1st Lump this morning have been hooking sea bass, but all shorts.

11:16 AM - Report just came in that the first thresher shark of the year was caught today. Stay tuned for details.

12:04 PM - The Pino boys brought in the first thresher shark of the season. Anthony reeled in the 115 pounder while fishing with a bunker and squid combination at the Fingers. Chris Pino was at the wheel.

Reports have come in that there are a hundred boats at the Twin Wrecks today. Sea bass are in trouble.

David Beach caughta 16 1/4-inch tautog this morning while fishing off the 2nd Street Bulkhead. He caught the fish on a frozen sand flea at the beginning of the incoming tide.

3:08 PM - Anglers on the "Jezebel" had a great day fishing for sea bass, coming back with 75 in the box after fishing with clams at the Great Eastern Reef. Chester Sadowski, Jr. had heaviest fish honors with a 4 lb. 15 oz. knothead.

4:05 PM - Paul Crampton, III caught a 229 lb. thresher shark at the Parking Lot on a whole mackerel. Paul was fishing on the C-Boys.

7:28 PM - The scales closed on Day 1 of the Ocean City Marlin Club Memorial Day Tournament. All 13 boats fished today, so here is what we saw at the scale:

"Halcyon" weighed a dolphin, but there is no dolphin category in the tournament. They caught it in 67-degree water in 400 fathoms in the Baltimore. They were sharking and hooked the dolphin on a strip of mackerel.

"Brenda Lou" took the 92 mile run down to 1,000 fathoms in the Norfolk and returned with 3 yellowfins (30.8, 32.0 & 39.2 lbs.). Caught in 64-68 degree water in 1,000 fathoms.

"Husevo" weighed a 57.4 lb. bigeye tuna, caught in 1,000 fathoms in the Norfolk Canyon. Water temp was 70.1-degrees. They also caught 2 gaffer dolphin and lost a mako during the trip.

"Nontypical" just missed qualifying in the Shark Division with a 99.8 lb. mako (100 lb. minimum). Fish was caught in 1,000 fathoms in the Norfolk Canyon on a strip of tuna.

"Reel Direct" had 10 bites and boated 2 yellowfins. Their heaviest weighed 40.4 lbs. and was caught in 1,000 fathoms in the Norfolk Canyon.

The final results of the tournament are:

Husevo 57.4 lb. bigeye
Reel Direct 40.4 lb. yellowfin
Brenda Lou 39.2 lb. yellowfin

No fish weighed

No qualifying fish weighed

Outside the tournament, "Stretchin' Lips" weighed a 412 lb. thresher shark caught on a bluefish fillet ar the Marine Electric. Water temp was 59-degrees.

Steve Breskiewicz caught a 5 lb. flounder on a live minnow in the Thorofare.

Anglers on the headboat, "Morning Star" had a good day of sea bass fishing on an artificial reef. Connie Ruark caught a 17 1/2-incher.

John Cacchio caught an 18-inch flounder on a Gulp! and minnow combination in the Thorofare. He was fishing in 3-feet of water and had 4 throwbacks during the trip.

On the charter boat, "Lucky Break", Ana Amaro caught a 19-inch flounder in the bay behind the campgrounds. Anglers on the charter boat had a busy day with 16 releases of short flounder.

FRIDAY, May 26, 2017

3:50 PM - The wind was howling today. The ramp was loaded today with boats getting ready to head out tomorrow. The 68-degree water is around 100 miles from the Inlet. Will anyone head there tomorrow? Probably. Sharking should keep most boats closer to home.

Bridget Bittner tried her luck again today, afer catching a pair of flatties yesterday, but reported rough conditions in the bay. She had 1 throwback.

Capt. Monty on the headboat, "Morning Star" said that sea bass fishing right now is very good. Good catches all around the rail. Largest knothead measured 19.5-inches. Caught on clams.

It was a little too windy, so Capt. Kane Bounds on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" decided to stay closer to shore and go tog fishing. Their 6 anglers ended up with their boat limit of tog caught on green crabs in 45 feet of water. Sunny Kim led the way with a 10.4 oz. fish.

Margaret Orchulli battled the incredible wind and managed to catch an 18.5-inch flounder in the Thorofare. Fish was caught on white Gulp and minnow combination during the outgoing tide. Margaret and Mike fished for 4 hours, so the bite was far from hot.

THURSDAY, May 25, 2017

The weigh-in times for the OC Marlin Club Memorial Day Tournament have been changed to 4:30 PM to 7:00 PM on Saturday and Sunday.

Bridget Bittner caught a pair of flounder behind the OC Airport while using white Gulp! for bait. Fish measured 18.5 and 21-inches.

WEDNESDAY, May 24, 2017

Nasty day today in OC.

Yesterday, Jeff Lemire was fishing off Assateague when he caught and released a 38-inch bluefish while fishing with cut bunker.

Yesterday, Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported better sea bass fishing. Largest was 3 lbs. All caught on clams at an artificial reef.

Brian Brouse caught a 14 lb. tautog at the Great Eastern Reef. Brian and his buddies also caught 30 black sea bass up to 4 lbs. All on clams.

Lamont Hilbert caught a pair of 19-inch flounder in the bay behind Assateague. Both caught on Gulp! artificial baits. He also caught a few throwbacks and some bluefish between 24 adn 36-inches.

MONDAY, May 22, 2017

It was a tough weekend. Wind just doesn't want to stop. Temperatures really cooled off. Offshore, the forecast doesn't look good all week.

I know anglers are pecking away at flounder in the Thorofare, but the windy conditions are making it really difficult. Slow trolling works better in these conditions since it give you more control.

The striper bite off Assateague continues to be slow. Steve McGlannan did come by the office with a picture of the 43-incher he caught and released the other day. Hooked it on bunker.

The bluefish bite is definitely slowing up, but good size fish are still being caught in waves along the coast. When it is on... it is on. Otherwise, you may have to put some time in.

Up in Delaware, Hunter Shelby caught some speckled trout on soft shell crabs in the bay behind Burton's Island.

Eamonn Carey caught a 14.2 lb. bluefish in the surf off Bethany Beach on Sunday.

Mike Johnston continues to have good days catching flounder in the Thorofare. Today, he took on the windy conditions and ended up with 4 flatties in the box, measuring up to 22-inches. All caught while trolling meat.

5:35 PM - Capt. Chris Mizurak on the headboat, "Angler" reported a slow sea bass bite today. Larry Grimm led the way with a 2 lb. 14 oz. sea bass caught on clams at an offshore wreck.

SATURDAY, May 20, 2017

The wind is really puffing in Ocean City today. Definitely cooler temperatures as the cold front moves through. Offshore forecast looks rough. Seas 4-7 today and 5-8 tomorrow. Winds out of the east.

3:04 PM - Before the water got dirty this morning, Frank Lanigan managed to catch a 23-inch flounder in the East Channel. Fish weighed just under 5 lbs.

FRIDAY, May 19, 2017

9:25 AM - Updated yesterdays report.

Last night, Buddy and Cody Martin caught 12 bluefish and some hickory shad while fishing from the Rt. 50 Bridge. They were tossing bucktails during the outgoing tide on the south side of the bridge near the East Channel.

Ellen Doctor caught a 3 lb. sea bass during a trip aboard the headboat, "Angler" with her son, Steve Doctor. Caught on clams at an artificial reef.

THURSDAY, May 18, 2017

9:41 AM - Updated yesterdays report.

The charter boat, "Marli" returned with 18 gaffer dolphin from the Norfolk Canyon. Water was closer in the Norfolk than yesterday since it was pushing northwest. No tunas.

Sarah McGovern caught a 45-inch, 24 lb. striper on finger mullet while fishing from the beach on Assateague Island.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", Mark Levinrad released an 11 lb. female tautog that was loaded with eggs. He also caught his limit of sea bass. All were caught on clams on natural bottom.

WEDNESDAY, May 17, 2017

12:02 PM - Looks like there is a tuna and dolphin bite in the Norfolk Canyon again today. The "Marli" just reported having 7 yellowfins and 8 gaffer mahi in the box.

4:57 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Fish Bound" have had a couple of good days of sea bass fishing. Both days, anglers caught their limit of knotheads. Today, the fish ate clams in 50-feet of water. Sunny Kim led the way with a 3 pounder.

Big Bird Cropper and Dave Hrycyk ended their day with 20 bluefish in the box. Five were caught along Martha's Landing and the other 15 were hooked on both sides of the Rt. 50 Bridge. They also caught around 6 short stripers around the Rt. 50 Bridge. Everything was on Roy Rigs at the end of the incoming and throughout the outgoing.

5:36 PM - The charter boat, "Marli" ended up with 8 gaffer dolphin and 7 yellowfins from the Norfolk Canyon. The bite must have died off in the afternoon since they had those fish in the box by 11:00 AM. All of the action was in 500 fathoms in the Norfolk Canyon. Capt. Mark said that the water was pushing hard to the southwest, so it should be in even closer tomorrow.

"Big Billin'" also went to the Norfolk Canyon and returned iwth 6 gaffer dolphin. Heaviest weighed 46 lbs.

Charter boat, "Last Call" went to the Norfolk and had a pair of yellowfins and 5 dolphin. Trip was 81 miles where Capt. Frank found a temp break from 62-72 degrees. Yellowfins weighed 27 and 35 lbs.

"Bonnie Lynn" went to the Norfolk Canyon and boated a mako (released 3 others), a yellowfin, 6 mahi and their limit of blueline tilefish.

Yancey Carapico and Dave Scoole fished with live minnows in the Thorofae and caught 1 keeper flounder (17 1/2-inches) and 9 shorts. Fished from 1-4 in the afternoon.

Matt Garrison caught a 55 lb. black drum on clams at the Coral Beds in the Delaware Bay.

TUESDAY, May 16, 2017

Since black sea bass season opened yesterday, and we finally had a nice day in the ocean boats headed to ocean structure in search of knotheads.

Chef Vaughan landed the first one of the season while fishing on the headboat, "Morning Star". Looks like there was a nice bite for everyone around the rail.

Anglers on the headboat, "Angler" also had a good day with several 15-fish limits around the rail. All of the fish were caught on squid and clams at an artificial reef. Travis Heilser and Larry Collier shared heaviest fish honors with 2 lb. 12 oz. sea bass.

The "Jezebel" returned with 83 sea bass, all caught on squid and clams in 108-feet of water. Largest fish was caught by Mike Johnston with a 21 1/4-incher that weighed 3 lbs. 14 oz.

Anglers on the "High Seas" had 60 sea bass and 28 blueline tilefish. Sea Bass were caught in 108-feet of water before they headed to the Baltimore Canyon for tilefish. All were caught on squid.

Big Bird Cropper and John Wittmyer had a great day tossing Roy Rigs all around the bay, Inlet and ocean. The duo caught a load of bluefish and released a ton of short stripers. Stripers were around the Ocean Pier and in the Inlet.

5:11 PM - Right now, anglers on the Rt. 50 Bridge are tearing up the stripers, although 99.9% of them are too short to keep. A ton of fun, though!

"Bill$ 4 Bills" just returned with a nice catch of tilefish.

5:39 PM - Anglers on "Bill$ 4 Bills" ended up with 8 golden tilefish (up to 45 lbs), 2 blackbelly rosefish, 13 blueline tilefish (up to 18 lbs.) and 6 sea bass. Tilefish were caught in 770-feet of water. Everything was on clams and squid.

Some yellowfin tuna and some mahi were caught in the Norfolk Canyon where boats found a 10-degree water temperature break.

SUNDAY, May 14, 2017

Finally, a sunny day in Ocean City. The wind really died down early in the morning but picked up mid-morning and it is puffing pretty good.

Bluefish are still being caught. Today there was a bite around the Rt. 50 Bridge. Fish are still a nice size. 30-38 inches. There has been a good bite in the evenings in the bay. Anglers have been having a blast catching 28-30 inch blues on topwater plugs.

Flounder are in the Thorofare. Rebecca Haskell boated an 18 1/2-incher on a pearl white Gulp! Swimming Mullet.

In the Delaware surf, anglers are finding a ton of bunker over big bluefish.

Chuck Wills caught 6 bluefish, ranging from 19 to 22-inches while fishing with bunker off the beach in Cape Henlopen at high tide.

SATURDAY, May 13, 2017

A nasty day in Ocean City. Rainy & windy.

If you are looking to get in on some good red drum action and catch some big striped bass, head on down to the surf off Hog Island, VA. The surfcasters down there are getting into them good. If you have never been down there, you really should give it a try. Get a bunch of your buddies and head on down there, especially this time of year. Good action!

11:47 AM - There was an incredible bluefish blitz for anglers fishing off the Cape Henlopen Pier yesterday. Brittany Trombetta and Jason Craig stopped by the office this morning with 13 choppers they caught while fishing with mullet and squid. Their largest measured 35-inches and weighed 8 lbs. 11 oz. The bite started around 5pm and the duo said that they left them biting. They said that over 100 fish were caught between 5 and 7.

Yesterday, the blues were snapping all over the Thorofare flats. Fish were slightly smaller than what we have been seeing, but still nice fish up to 29-inches.

Surf anglers are still getting into mostly bluefish in the 30+-inch range. Not much on stripers. Spring run has been disappointing so far.

5:05 PM - updated Wednesday's report.

FRIDAY, May 12, 2017

Brian Brannan and Derek Crossley got into bluefish on light tackle while fishing around Harbour Island. Their largest measured 30-inches and 3 others were over 20-inches.

THURSDAY, May 11, 2017

With reports coming in yesterday afternoon about schoolie stripers being caught around the Ocean Pier (the one that sticks out into the ocean, just north of the Inlet), I figured it might be a good night toss a swim shad along the beach between the Inlet and the Ocean Pier. Unfortunately, I didn't get any bites and the tide was roaring in. I fished for a while on the North Jetty, but no action. One angler did have a 30-inch striper and a couple of bluefish, but that was it. I ventured over to the 3rd Street Bulkhead and tossed a popper into the East Channel. Had a great time and there is nothing like seeing a popper work the surface and anticipating a big striper or bluefish coming up and smashing it. Unfortunately, for me and the other 1/2 dozen anglers fishing off the Bulkhead, it was all quiet. A nice fellow did have a couple of big (9-10 lb.) bluefish in his cooler. He said a school roamed through the East Channel around 5pm.

Zach Nagler caught a beautiful, 43-inch, 40 lb. black drum while fishing with peeler crabs off Assateague Island yesterday. Caught during the outgoing tide.

Up in the Thorofare, Yancey Carapico caught a 22-inch flounder on a live minnow around 3:30 PM. Nice fish!

Up in Delaware, Rick's Bait & Tackle checked in their first flounder of the season when Donna Markle arrived arrived with a 24 3/4-incher caught on squid in the Indian River Inlet.

Bob Knight caught an 11.2 lb. bluefish from the beach at 3R's Road.

Dan Eagan caught a 7 lb. bluefish on cut mullet at Massey's Landing.

Francis Zaborowsky caught some nice bluefish (8-10 lbs.) from the beach at Cape Henlopen State Park.

WEDNESDAY, May 10, 2017

Finally, a beautiful day in Ocean City. Ocean looked very nice. Wind has died down considerably.

On the charter boat, "Fish Bound", anglers had a quick boat limit of 32 tautog while fishing iwth green crabs in 75-feet of water. Victor Feleccio released a 16 pounder.

Kevin Briddell caught a 44-inch striper in the surf off Assateague. It weighed 33 lbs. and was caught on cut bunker. It is the heaviest striper caught in OC so far this season.

3:34 PM - Big Bird Cropper just reported in that it was all the schoolie size stripers you wanted around the Ocean Pier today, outside the inlet. Bird said that there was a very clear patch of water around the Pier and there were hundreds of small stripers. He also had 2 big bluefish during his trip. Water temperature was 61-degrees.

A few boats ventured offshore today and got into yellowfin tuna and mahi, east of the Washington Canyon in 1,000 to 1,500 fathoms. The trip was 88 miles from the OC Inlet.

The "Nontypical" headed out to 1,200 fathoms, east of the Washington and caught a pair of yellowfins (up to 30 lbs.) and released a mako they estimated at around 100 lbs. Capt. Terry Latyon said that the temperature gradually increased from 59 to 65-degrees but they jumped to 73-degrees at the hard break. They stayed on the warm side of the break, where they caught the tuna. There was not a lot of bait, but Terry said from 30 fathoms out, the water was very clean. He also said that when he crossed the Bigeye Hole, there were pilot whales in the area where the water tempearture was 58-degrees.

SUNDAY, May 7, 2017

9:34 AM - FINALLY, a nice day. Sun is shining. Not much wind.

Don't forget, the Annual Ocean City Reef Foundation Dinner is this afternoon, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM at SEACRETS on 49th Street and the Bay. Good food and some great auctions! Only $20 per person.

I'm expecting to see some bluefish caught today along with flounder up in the Thorofare. At this time of year, you can get them on the drift but trolling in the channels on the flats really produces some nice catches. Working the edges, going side-to-side across the channel is the way to do it. If you have any kind of bellies, you are in good shape. If you catch a flounder, but off their dorsal or anal fins. They are a quick cut and work great!

SATURDAY, May 6, 2017

The wind this week has been ridiculous! I went down to the beach last night and the ocean was ANGRY! Has certainly made fishing tough, but some anglers have gone looking for bluefish in the bay. They are still here. Haven't heard much about flounder though.

2:27 PM - Anglers on the charter boat, "Get Sum" battled the nasty wind all day but ended up having a good day with 2 flounder measuring 19 3/4-inches, 1 flounder that was 20 1/4-inches and a pair of chopper bluefish. They also had 7 throwback flounder. All were hooked in the Thorofare on white and pink Gulp! artificial baits.

Bluefish are being caught all over the bay. I have reports of fish caught down by the OC Airport and in the East Channel.

Over on the Chesapeake, anglers on the charter boat, "Marli" continue to get some nice fish. Suzanna Martin caught herself a 36-incher out of Solomons Island.

FRIDAY, May 5, 2017

Unfortunately, the weatherman got it right. In Ocean City, it is raining and very windy. The wind has literally blown ALL week. The bluefish bite has been so hot that a lot of anglers just went anyway. Anglers fishing off the Oceanic Pier have been having some great nights with bluefish lined up on the pier.

Those venturing over to Solomons Island to rockfish on the charter boat, "Marli" had braved windy conditions also, but have put some great fish on the dock. Yesterday, the anglers caught their limit of trophy stripers ranging from 36 to 39-inches. All caught in 40-feet of water north of the Gas Dock. Back on April 30th, Barb Firestone and Rachelle Bair caught 4 rockfish including a 53-incher that weighed 55 lbs.

THURSDAY, May 4, 2017

The wind has been howling for 4 days now which has put a damper on fishing. The bluefish bite is still so good that some anglers are throwing caution to the wind and heading out into the bay. Big choppers continue to be caught in the Inlet, around the Bridges, in the East Channel, in the bay behind Assateague. Basically everywhere!

The other day, Buddy and Cody Martin caught 7 bluefish on cut bait, between 34 and 36-inches, fishing off the 4th Street Bulkhead at the end of the outgoing tide.

Pasquale and Patrick Petrera caught big blues in the surf off Fenwick Island. and in the bay behind Frontier Town.

Yesterday, Emma Matarese caught a 15 3/4 lb. bluefish on cut bunker in the East Channel. She was fishing on the Ocean City Guide Service.

Vinnie Locascio caught a bluefish on cut bunker from the 9th Street Pier. Looked like it was in the 12 lb. range.

MONDAY, May 1, 2017

The wind really howled today, but that didn't stop Mike Johnston and Courtney Ritter from continuing their assault on flounder in the Thorofare. Today, they trolled Gulp! and bellies and ended their day with 5 keepers up to 22-inches. Mike said conditions were not fun, but the water wasn't too dirty.

Big bluefish continued to be caught in the East Channel by anglers fishing off the 3rd Street Bulkhead and in the Inlet.

SUNDAY, April 30, 2017

Yesterday was another good day for anglers chasing chopper bluefish. There was a good bite in the surf, in the Inlet and all over the bay, particularly in the bay behind Assateague.

Sarah Russell caught a 38-inch bluefish on cut bunker behind Frontier Town.

Darrin Holland caught a 36-inch bluefish on cut bunker behind Frontier Town.

Mugen Nickerson caught a 34-inch bluefish on cut bunker behind Frontier Town.

Jake and Katie Betz each caught a bluefish while torlling behind Assateague Island last night around 6pm. Jakes was a 33-incher and Katie's measured 28-inches.

Up in Delaware, flounder are showing up in the Lewes Canal and Roosevelt Inlet. Tautog were caught at the Outer Wall by Ryland Weiler.

Big bluefish were found in the surf at Herring Point. Suizanne Martin caught an 8.53 pounder.

Ethan Thomas caught an 18-inch flounder in the Roosevelt Inlet on minnows.

6:26 PM - Well folks, it looked like a fishing season today. Boats that went offshore came back with some early catches and the bluefish are still mugging everything in the bay and in the surf.

Anglers on the "Hellbent" had a great day flounder fishing in the Thorofare. They trolled Gulp! and flounder belly, returning with 7 keeper flounder up to 22 1/4-inches and weighing 3 lbs. 11 oz.

"Tunafowl" returned to Sunset Marina with 3 yellowfin tuna, including the first of the season caught at 9:30 this morning. They were caught while trolling ballyhoo (1) and spreaderbars (2) in 130 fathoms near the 000's where they found a 9-degree temperature break with 67-degrees on the warm side. Fishing on the "Tunafowl" were Josh Ensor, Corbin Ensor and Jeff Rosenkilde.

The charter boat, "Wrecker" had a heckuva day, coming back with a 147 lb. mako, along with a bluefin tuna, 3 mahi and 3 yellowfins. The bluefin and the mahi are the first of the year. The mako was caught while sharking with a bluefish fillet while the yellowfins, bluefin and mahi were caught on trolled ballyhoo. Capt. Jeremy Blunt said that they were anywhere from 80 to 120 fathoms near the 000's where they found the 9-degree break (58 to 67 degrees). Fishing on the "Wrecker" were Brendan McDermond, Dale Christensen, Megan and Steve Humphrey and Tony Caiazzo.

Mark Malamphy, Jim Conway and Rob Griggs had a 249 lb. mako shark in 400 fathoms in the Poor Man's Canyon.

Scott Chatterton caught a pair of bluefish off the beach in Fenwick Island today.

Up in Delaware, Mike Haas caught a 9.8 lb. tautog at Site 10 on green crabs and white leggers. Mike and his buddy John Ibach each caught their limit of tog.

Mike Lewis and Dick Hamilton caught their limit of tog at Site 10 while using green crabs for bait.

Courtney Lee caught an 8.4 lb. bluefish in the Indian River Inlet during the incoming tide.

Over on the Chesapeake Bay, the charter boat, "Marli" is fishing out of Solomons Island and tearing up the rockfish. Barb Firestone and Rachelle Biar caught 4 rockfish on tandem lures in 45-60 feet of water around HI Buoy. Their largest fish weighed 55 lbs. with a length of 53-inches and a 30 1/2=inch girth. Laurel Lokhaiser caught her first Chesapeake Bay Spring Trophy Rockfish. It was a real fatty!

SATURDAY, April 29, 2017

9:16 AM - The bluefish bite in the Ocean City Inlet last night was awesome.. and they were BIG fish! James Coates called in to report that his group caught 30 during the outgoing tide with the smallest measuring 32-inches. I ran into another angler this morning who also reported unbelievable action in the Inlet last night. They said every cast got banged.

Mike Orchulli sent in a picture yesterday of the 21-inch flounder he caught on a white Gulp and minnow in the Thorofare during the outgoing tide. Mike and his buddies also had 4 short flounder during their trip.

Yesterday, Jack Autin caught a 25 1/2 lb. striper on a chunk of bunker while fishing from the surf off Cape Henlopen.

Bobby Zakrzewski and his dad fished in the Broadkill River and caught 5 black drum between 12 and 15 lbs. All on clam.

10:08 AM - Craig Hocker caught a 34-inch bluefish in the OC Inlet this morning on fresh cut bunker at slack tide.

4:28 PM - The bluefish bite is absolutely nuts right now in the waters all around Ocean City and up the coast to Cape Henlopen.

Today, anglers on the charter boat, "Lucky Break" had a great day catching 7 huge bluefish, up to 41-inches, along with 3 throwback stripers and a throwback (16") flounder. All of the action was in the bay behind Assateague Island where Capt. Jason Mumford found 72-degree water. The bluefish are hitting anything, but the "Lucky Break" anglers had success casting and FAST retrieving swim shads along with trolling Rat-L-Traps. Capt. Jason said that you had to reel the swim shads as fast as possible to get the hits. The bite was so furocious that at one point an angler was fighting a chopper after it ate a trolled Rat-L-Trap. Another big bluefish came up and hit the same lure, snapping it from the line in the process. Both 10 lb. bluefish were thrashing on top of the water, joined only by the Rat-L-Trap. Amazing action for the "Lucky Break" anglers!

FRIDAY, April 28, 2017

The bluefish are still snapping. Tim Heim fished early this morning off 9th Street in the bay and caught 12 nice choppers. His largest measured 35-inches and weighed 10 lbs. 2 oz.

Still hearing mostly about short stripers in the bay and off the beach. Larger stripers may be a little off the beach. Probably worth folks heading out by boat this weekend to check it out.

1:17 PM - Kim Zimmerman caught a 35-inch bluefish in the surf off Assateague Island. Hooked on finger mullet.

2:32 - An incredible story. A small swordfish, still alive, just washed up on Assateague. Guys are trying to revive it.

8:14 PM - The first mako shark of the year was caught today by the crew on the "Nontypical". Angler Andy Smelter muscled in the 147 pounder after hooking it on a false albacore fillet in 55 fathoms northeast of the Rockpile. Andy was fishing with David Peterson and Capt. Terry Layton. They also released 12 blue sharks and lost another mako estimated at 250 lbs. during their trip. The action took place where Capt. Terry found a 16-degree temperature break (52-68 degrees). Congratulations guys!!!!

There were some keeper size flounder caught in the Thorofare yesterday and today.

THURSDAY, April 27, 2017

First Coastal Fisherman is less than a week away! If you are catching big blues, make sure you weigh them. Who will be the early leader for Heaviest Fish?

Big bluefish are dominating the action. Nick Ager caught 10 last week. Largest was 39-inches. Second largest was a 38-incher which was caught yesterday around 6:00 PM off the beach at 120th Street in OC.

Not seeing many legal stripers. All too small.

MONDAY, April 24, 2017

Nasty day on Delmarva.

Yesterday, Deb Trotter and Terry Harford caught a load of bluefish while fishing with cut bait off Assateague Island. Their largest measured 37-inches.

SUNDAY, April 23, 2017

Eddy McCrae tagged and releaed a 15 lb. female tautog during a trip on the headboat, "Morning Star". The 28-incher ate a green crab on ocean structure.

Yesterday, "Fish Bound" angler Jimmy Lee released a 15.8 lb. tautog after hooking it on a white crab in 70 feet of water. He also released an 11 pounder during the trip. All 6 angl

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