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Healthy Tuna Egg Salad

1/2 lb. tuna fillets, cooked as desired
5 TBSP light mayonnaise
4 large eggs
1 cup celery, diced
5 TBSP pickle relish
4 tsp. mustard or spicy brown

To Hard Boil Eggs:
Place eggs in a small, uncovered pot.
Cover with cold water and set heat to medium-high.
Bring to boil.
Remove from heat and cover.
Set timer for 13 minutes.
Drain and add cold water and ice cubes to cool eggs.
Once cool, peel and grate with a fook processor or chop into small pieces.
In a medium bowl, add tuna and break up with a fork.
Add mayonnaise and mix well.
Stir in grated eggs, celery. pickle relish and mustard.
Mixture can be stored in refrigerator for up to 3 days.
To make lettuce wraps, top each lettuce leaf with ΒΌ cup tuna egg salad and spread a little over leaf.
Top each lettuce wrap with a slice of tomato.
Makes 5 lettuce wraps, each with a 1/4 cup of tuna egg salad

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