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How to Send a Picture to us!
How to Send a Picture to us!
Sunday, May 2, 2021

We love getting your pictures - here's how to get them to us:

Please send photo to [email protected] in as large a format as possible. Please include what you can of the following:

- Angler name and where they are from
- Fish type
- Boat Name
- Weight/Length
- Location caught
- Bait used
- Capt. and mate if applicable
- Other anglers
- Any other point of interest such as weather conditions, birthday, first time fish caught, etc

Reminders for a good picture -

- Take the picture VERTICALLY (ie landscape) and don't zoom in too close. We need room to position the picture in the paper!
- Have the anglers facing the sun to minimize shadows
- Have the side of the fish facing flat to the camera


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